Flash jobs: Historic District

sc_20140619_2-3Just came back from some travel to Columbus and Philadelphia and thought I would share some recent photos I took in the historic district of Atlanta, close to the King Center. The area is very unique in terms of architecture, neighborhood, colors, building style, and people.

I explored the area around the King Center to the west on Edgewood and Auburn, south on Jackson and Boulevard up to Decatur St, east towards Krog St. and north up to Freedom Pkwy. See the map below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 19.05.34

In the historic district you will find some interesting pubs and bars, coffee shops, stores, and there is also a new street car that will make it soon a breeze to move around.

What I found very noteworthy as a European/German, is that some of the houses have European style roofs with clay tiles. In fact this is the only place that I have seen so far with clay tiles. Moreover, many houses are glued to each other, giving rise to these long stretches of store fronts with huge windows. Together with the extreme colors of some of the houses, this area really has a very unique charm.

Alright, that’s about it for today—I am extremely exhausted.

Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.







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