Film Diaries: Downtown Atlanta and Castleberry Hill

A few weeks back we ended up exploring downtown Altanta and Castleberry Hill. The weather was a bit on the gloomy side casting interesting shadows, while maintaining a very soft light. I spent quite some time in Castleberry Hill right when I arrived in Atlanta and I haven’t been back in almost two years.

The Castleberry Hill area is the one of the art areas of Atlanta and there are many art events happening throughout the year—although now with the beltline going strong I feel that it will cool of a tad. Castleberry Hill is rather close to downtown and I consider it to be one of those nice pockets that are not often found by the casual visitor. Downtown on the other hand is not really a great area to be honest and Underground Atlanta is simply a mess. I would really like to see something being done about that neighborhood…

We walked around for about two hours, mediating on the purpose and non-purpose of life (photowalks are always like this: either the talk is driven gear or by philosophy). I think I went through a roll of Portra 400 rated at 100 to get some nice shadow detail. Below I mixed shots from Castleberry Hill, the artsy pocket, and downtown / underground Atlanta. It is not so clear cut what what was shot were – put differently downtown Atlanta seems to have quite some potential…

Enjoy your weekend – TSJ.










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