Colors of Atlanta: Beltline Wine Stroll

As promised here is the post about last weekend’s wine stroll on the belt line. The event was really great. Lots of people and great wine – although not as good as the one from the Kirkwood wine stroll from the evening before.

It was the belt line’s second wine stroll (apparently) and while the setup was great I really would have preferred real glasses and not mini plastic cups. Major difference to the Kirkwood one: the belt line one was in the early afternoon (2pm – 5pm) rather than at night, which somehow significantly affected the overall atmosphere. It was more similar to a neighborhood festival rather than an evening party. Here is a list with the stations and their locations:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 21.56.02

Most stations were either in stores in and around the belt line and concentrated around the Inman Park and Krog St. area. I really enjoyed the fact that I happened to go into shops that I usually would have never gone to before (I guess that is what the shop owners get out of such an event) – below Authentique.


The stations were quite diverse in terms of venue. Some were in pubs, others in shops, and even others in restaurants – the photo below is in Fritti.


As you can see there was a healthy number of people in the place.


I forgot, one station was actually in a grocery/liquor shop in Inman Park – Savi Urban Market.



People enjoying their wine in the outside area of Barcelona.


The Black Sheep – very cool band playing at various stations. I happened to be about half a station ahead of them, so that half-way through my stay at a station they showed up and started playing.


Ladybird – a very cool new place on the belt line close to Rathbun’s. Definitely check it out. I heard from several people that it was always closed when they tried to go, but apparently they are open now regularly – at least according to the bar keeper.


The atmosphere inside is very interesting.


The black sheep at Ladybird.


Hidden from the casual visitor, they actually have a very nice logo and car…


Opposite to Ladybird was the Rathbun station. This one was very popular due to the nice patio.


Black Sheep again close to the Krog St. market – I think it was at the luminary station.


These two down the road kept partying despite the approaching cars…


They kept playing until the very end here…


Next time will be the third post of this series with some shots from the Kirkwood wine stroll.

Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.

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