Colors of Atlanta: Paris on Ponce Halloween Party

A Halloween Party in an Antique’s Shop? What can go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Last night I ended up at the Paris on Ponce Halloween Party. Wow!

We went there a bit earlier as it was extremely cold last night and I was worried of having to line up and freeze to death outside before even getting in. That had the charm that only rather few people were there in the beginning so that I had some time to explore the location: simply stunning. The combination of  light, the atmosphere – once in a while you had the cold wind blow in and took out all the warmth – and the people was really nicely fitting together. Many people dressed up in steam-punkish outfits that complemented the frenchy antique decoration – see for yourself. Here are some of my highlights from that evening. You will find many more below in the gallery.


Moreover, they had some cool acrobatics going on adding a 17th century circus component to the picture.


… shrunk heads…


…more acrobatics…


… and the main seating area with a Nosferatu showing.


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Halloween weekend — TSJ.

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