On the road: holiday season

Happy holidays everyone. I am going to be traveling the next few days and might be blogging from the road.

With things having slowed down considerably now I have had some time to walk around a bit in my neighborhood and take some shots while commuting from one coffee place to the next—I love Atlanta.

The year has been pretty good to me however honestly I am glad it is over. This is a bad thing to say give that time moves only in one direction and every year should be used to its fullest. I have to admit, even though most things worked out well, the number of challenges I had to go through was really pushing the limit: the stress level was just way too high. In fact only now that I am effectively blissing out I realize how high the level really was… It is always easy to talk about balance etc however in reality often it is hard to implement, both because we do not realize that we need to enforce more balance but also, because we are subject to other people’s request: we just don’t live in a vacuum. I believe however it is important to not meditate on how hard life is etc—in fact it is not that hard compared to other places I have seen. As I said elsewhere: resilience is nothing else but delayed reflection. Especially in artistic endeavors progress and evolution means going against the main stream and that does not only a bit of resistance but a lot of resistance at times.

Enjoy your break — TSJ!






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