On the road: Krog St Market

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a great start into the new year and some time to enjoy yourselves. As customary I went for a nice stroll to ponder on my plans for 2015—I will write about this elsewhere.

I ended up walking down the Beltline – right next to my house – and continued down to the new Krog St. Market. The space is more or less done with a few places still missing. All shots apart from the one from Ladybird above are from the new space. Think of it as a food court with lots of smaller eateries – but high quality: that’s the whole idea of the concept of a ‘market’ now. Artisan eateries, quality food, nice atmosphere, … they even had carbonated water for free – that’s a big deal 😉

The space itself is gritty. Lots of exposed beams and wood. That seems to be pretty much the current style. Most of the places exhibit a similar look. My only issue with this is that in the old days it was out of necessity: lack of cash. Now it is a trend and people actually pay for the look… Nonetheless the light, as you can see, is really amazing!

Happy New Year—TSJ.






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