Casual shooting with Natasha — or: I am still out there


Last weekend I did a casual shoot with Natasha to finally get back into shooting mode after tapping out for a few months. As you might have realized it has been quiet around here: I needed to make some tough decisions on how to move forward and what to focus on and that required me to put down my camera for a while, which ultimately lead to a dry up on posts here as well as my queue slowly emptied.

As part of my decision process I have been traveling a lot and my only tool has been my iPhone. I am still quite surprised what you can get out of it under the right conditions – I will talk about this elsewhere.

It was nice to get back into shooting mode though, especially with all my travel coming up, where I have to perform no matter what: all those pesky philosophical meditations are for the winter. We shot in Grant Park close to Octane and Oakland Cemetery. I (still) don’t like shooting around a lot of “green” as I find it really hard to control it in an acceptable way – I am more the subdued colors type. So I tried to stay away from all the lush vegetation.

The shooting was really nice and relaxed and Natasha really knew the game – not unexpected given her extensive experience (she was e.g., in the Delta ads). The light was quite unpredictable that day and I was happy to have my Lumu light meter with me (very impressed with it – put it on your iPhone and you are good to go). I shot mostly in open shades as I really like the flatter, low contrast look. Also, note the cool prob: Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” – shooting with style.

So long—TSJ.


Lens: 150mm
Exposure: (around) 1/400s f/2.8 at ISO 200 (digital)
Lights: Natural light only.




15 thoughts on “Casual shooting with Natasha — or: I am still out there

  1. Great pics and post. I hear you about addressing the issues causing you to pause…I just went through it. It was tough but I’m really glad to be back now. I hope the same for you. 🙂

    • Yes agreed – the exposure is off!! In fact I believe it is not so much the exposure but the extremely flat light that removed all contours and structure: an issue I have run into a couple of times, when not using a reflector or flash. Even the raws that are -0.75 EV compared to the ones here are very flat. I should say used a light or reflector!

  2. Beautiful shoots! Just amazing Terence….
    Good to knw tht u r back now….
    Keep your spirits high!
    U will shine as bright as The sun…
    Ur shoots are different frm the rest…felt like writing here…So, keep up the good work…

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