Cirecy at the ruins


Yesterday I had a quick shooting with Cirecy at Sope Creek. It took us quite a while to find the right path down to the water and in fact, rather than ending up at the old paper mill, we shot on the opposite side of the river in another small ruin.

I have been shooting twice at the location and while I really liked it last time, this time it was even better. I guess because this time I discovered a small waterfall which is really cool and there were lots of petals on the ground that created an amazing contrast to the renaissance-ish type of clothing. Additionally, it had heavily rained the day before, so that although it was warm, the ground and the ruins where pretty soaked still, creating some extra punch.

The light was very challenging as it was overcast and in the most unexpected moments it quickly opened up, completely throwing off the setup in terms of light. But we managed pretty well – ok, admittedly I had to throw away a lot of shots due to heavily skewed exposure. Another thing that I realized when shooting in the tight space of the ruins is that a slightly shorter lens (maybe a 90mm) could have been helpful – on the other hand, I am really in love with the compression of the 150mm and the aggressive transition from in-focus to out-of-focus areas. So I guess I will keep complaining and not doing anything about it… it is always a compromise…

Anyways… very happy with the outcome, especially given that I did not have any other light source but the good-ol’ sun. Nonetheless, I think, slowly but surely, it is time to bring out the big guns again. My Alien Bees haven’t gotten a workout in a while…

Enjoy your weekend —TSJ.

Setup (does it really matter anyways?).

Lens: 150mm
Exposure: (around) 1/250s f/2.8 at ISO 200 (digital)
Lights: Natural light only.






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