Shooting in the woods – part 2


As promised a few weeks back, here is the second part of a recent shooting. After we were done with the first part it was time to trash the dress and the water was the prime choice.

So we continued with a few water shots with various levels of immersion. What might not be so apparent from the pictures is how cold the water was: freezing cold and we did the whole water game for about one hour. I would have not wanted to trade – for sure. Real dedication!


We got a couple of very nice shots – although the dress is not really apparent: too many reflections and it was not floating long enough.


But here is the proof: it was really the same dress and here you might also get an idea how cold the water really was.


At some point it warmed up a bit and we topped it off with some beach style… about 5-10 minutes after the one above has been shot. Exactly the same location. I am always amazed how easy the look-and-feel can be changed by perspective, posture, and clothing.


Enjoy your weekend… and ask me anything! —TSJ.

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