Night shooting in Shibuya, Tokyo

Last Saturday I did a quick shooting in Tokyo’s Shibuya, taking in the unique atmosphere of the place and enjoying the Shibuya night life, compensating me for 14 hours of flying + auxiliary travel time.

Unfortunately the original concept fell through as the intended location – a lantern-lit temple – was closed for that day. We headed over to the more busy parts of Shibuya, shooting right in the middle of the streets and working only with light available from store windows and street lights.

Model: Eenabo
Wardrobe: Naoko Kawaguchi

More Tokyo impressions soon — TSJ.

7 thoughts on “Night shooting in Shibuya, Tokyo

  1. New and learning. Working with a Canon Rebel SL-1. Finding night shooting frustrating at the moment, but inspired by shots like this. I need to embrace available light, instead of run from it, which is what I’m currently doing.

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