Singapore Pt.2 x the people


This is the second installment of my Singapore series. Today I want to show you some of shots that I took on the streets of Singapore. This installment is mostly about the people of Singapore – a very diverse mix from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions and other backgrounds.

My opening shot from above is from a traditional Singaporean coffee shop. AikBeng Chia took me there when I was visiting in the summer. Was a pretty cool experience – especially the coffee with butter.

Probably the most surprising aspect to me is that you will find masses of people cramped together and then, only a split second later, you see isolated people relaxing and enjoying their day. Reminded me a bit of Tokyo in this respect however the general atmosphere is very different. Not much more to say I guess – enjoy the shots.

Thanks for stopping by today —TSJ.














12 thoughts on “Singapore Pt.2 x the people

    • It is a very interesting taste – actually quite good but probably unexpected at first. Definitely worth the try and when I go back in the summer this will be one of my stops for sure 😉

  1. Did a Google search for a recipe for butter coffee and found a photo I thought was the same as yours (ie. Swiped from you) . On closer examination, it was your same man in almost the exact same posture, making the coffee in the same kitchen. Only difference was his pyjama pants were a different colour and pattern.

  2. Seeing some of these pictures make me miss home! Hopefully it remains like this, where there are many corners in the public where anyone can enjoy some peace and quiet.

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