Singapore Pt.3 x at night

sc_20150627_77This is third installment of my Singapore series, right in time before I am heading off for this year’s summer: Bulgaria, Dubai, Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Singapore and back to US – three months on the road and lots of photography… More soon… Today I want to talk about Singapore at night. When it gets dark – and sunsets are really short – Singapore changes quite considerably. Streets get packed with people that have been escaping direct sunlight but by no means it is really cool then. Temperatures remain high.

The opening shot from above is from the Marina Bay Sands viewing platform. At that time the practice runs for SG50 were going on so there was a lot to see on the weekends, including fireworks and air shows etc.


The sunset as seen from the Marina Bay Sands platform. There is this unique moment, a few minutes before the sun disappears, where the city is soaked in blue tones while the sky is still purple.


Right after sunset, the fireworks. Also, there are many roof top bars around that offer a great view over Singapore’s skyline.



In the Arab Quarter you will find a large number of food places. The atmosphere is pretty nice and relaxed and you will find yourself easily caught up in a conversation with some stranger sitting next to you. 





Thanks for stopping by today —TSJ.

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