Getting ready for the summer…


It is again this time of the year, where I slowly but surely start to wrap-up my stuff in Atlanta to start traveling. This year will be a bit more excessive than the last with stops in Bulgaria, Dubai, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Singapore—10 weeks this time.

While traveling that much is somewhat on the stressful side, I am super excited having several projects lined up. If you would like to see what I am up to you can follow me on instagram (@terencesjones). I recently tried to reinvigorate my instagram after having neglected it for some time: it is just so much easier when on the road.


Being a long time Fuji shooter I have also picked up an X-Pro 2 together with a couple lenses for the summer, which now resides next to an X100T and an X70 in my bag. I usually do not do reviews and do not talk a lot about gear but that was definitely a worthwhile investment: a significantly improved shooting envelope while maintaining color consistency with my other setup. One thing that I particularly enjoy with the X-Pro 2 is the new ACROS simulation, which looks great and shines especially in print. Most of the shots here are shot that way. ‘nough said. Really great camera.


So we are currently at T-5 weeks before hitting the road. Still working out some remaining details, such as getting my JR Railpass as well as finalizing accommodation. I somehow have a hard time to make a decision in terms of where to stay when when it is 4 months out… 


For the first half most of the details have been settled. In Dubai, I will stay on one of the palms with the water close by. Having spent some significant time in Dubai in 2008-2010 I am very much aware of the heat that I will be surrendering to in mid June. Then in the evenings when it cools down a bit (but not a lot) I will be roaming through the “souks” – the markets. A lot has changed I hear – I am curious to see this with my own eyes. 


From Dubai, I will be then heading to Japan. After a few days in Tokyo, getting some projects started, I will then head south to Fukuoka, which is on Kyushu island. I am quite thrilled to go there although this will probably be pushing it. So far south and not necessarily a hot spot for western tourists (as far as I understand) I expect very little fallbacks when my Japanese fails (and it will!). 


From Fukuoka, I will then head to Kyoto for a few weeks. I am too curious about the Geikos and Maikos and see myself already camping out in the street to catch a glimpse. Also, there is still a lot explore that I did not make it to last time…  

I will then head to Kanazawa to visit the samurai house and check out some of the more traditional Japanese stuff. I have the feeling that this will provide some very unique backdrops. From there I will head back to Tokyo or the koi city and then to Singapore. More about this once I have finalized those details. 

Thanks for stopping by—TSJ.

Instagram: @terencesjones

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