Casual Shooting: Misa

Sc2.jpgI did a casual shooting with Misa close to the beltline. I haven’t really shot black-and-white in quite a while and I have some black-and-white work coming up, so that I wanted to get back into the mood. I have a love-and-hate relationship with black-and-white: I am absolutely in love with until I get absolutely bored, longing for color and vice versa. The cycles have varying length but the last color cycle lasted about a year. Going through color detox, I hope to get a fresh perspective for my travels as I want to shoot most of the stuff matching last year’s color signature.


The shooting was super quick and pretty casual. An in-and-out type of thing: walk, stop, shot, repeat. I shot the 35mm f/2 on the Fuji X-Pro2 (I.e., 50mm equivalent) somewhere around f/2.8. All images shot with Acros with minimal post processing (minor exposure correction + minor vignetting) and natural light only. 


Shooting a 50mm equivalent can be challenging sometimes as you already have some (visible) perspective distortion, in particular if you do not keep the picture plane flat. Upper body works great with 50mm if you want a tighter crop you run the risk of unpleasant perspective distortion. General rule of thumb: keep a good bit of separation from your model. 


In order to get some contrast, especially when shooting black-and-white I used a tunnel entrance. Put your subject right at the entrance, but still in the shade. Then moving your subject a bit back and forth allows you to modulate contrast to your liking.


So much for today. 

Enjoy your weekend—TSJ.

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