I started this blog to share my passion for photography and my belief that photography should be accessible to everyone. Not just for those that have been lucky to live in an exotic location or with access to expensive gear. I believe that photography is about capturing and sharing what we see and how we see it, about creating lasting impressions of ethereal moments. My personal work focuses on a mix of urban and street photography and more generally everything I see that inspires me.

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  1. I really like your photos Terence. Gorgeous. You have a really nice eye for a scene. Your out of focus photos are particularly catching my eye. (I left a (lengthy) comment for you, trying to answer the question of the way out of focus shots can seem more “real” than the sharp ones.)

    • thanks a lot for the comments. I actually agree that it could be they way of how we see reality. I guess I will be experimenting a bit more with the out-of-focus shots to better understand what is really happening there.

      Regarding your question with the X100 vs. Sony Nex-5n. This is a tough one. Both are great cameras. However I usually use them for different purposes. The X100 is often with me one the weekend because I go to bars/clubs and do not want to carry expensive glass with me. If you have slightly larger pants then the X100 easily fits into one of the front pockets. However the wide lens and the sucking auto-focus (and lacking manual focus – forget this focus-by-wire stuff) is sometimes driving me nuts! Moreover, recently the X100 fell into disgrace because it has a stuck pixel and this one is quite prominent… but ok that is some stuff specific to my camera… Nonetheless it is a great camera and I enjoy using it. But it is more for “clearer” shots. Usually you will get *very* little bokeh (23mm on APS-C sensor = 35mm equivalent). The Leica glass with the sony is a different story. My approach to this combination is quit different: it is a leica lens with a “digital back” and the “digital back” happens to be a sony. In particular as most of the control indeed come from the lens (except for ISO and shutter speed) it is really more about provided a “driver” for the lens and while I will definitely keep the lens for a LOOOONG time, I could easily see myself exchanging the Nex-5n body with a Fuji X-Pro 1 for example. BUT let me make it clear: the sony nex-5n body is arguably the best body that I could find for the leica lens (except for the Leica Ms of course). Actually I had it first but when I got the leica lens I tried several others. The micro 4/3 do not work for me for several reasons, the Ricoh GXR with M mount did not really convince me either. Before that I used a Nex-3 with a Voigtländer lens. In particular the size of lens+body is very small. The downside is that sometimes I do not take it with me because I am scared that I could “lose it” (in the metaphorical sense, including getting beaten up and damaging it).

  2. Like you, I too just use available light for my photography. I think your photography is great! I enjoyed viewing your blog and reading about you. One day, hopefully, I’ll make time to really write a well thought out “about me,” because mine is not that great, personally.

  3. Terence my first camera was a 450d and kit lens which I used for ages ( I have now got myself a Nikon instead ) and seeing what you produce is inspiring. I love your available light approach particularly since I don’t like using flash. Regards, Peter.

  4. As you’re all about the minimal set-up, might I recommend the X100? I absolutely love it, easily my favorite digital camera ever. I like your stuff, and I’ll be coming back for more!

  5. Love your approach. I too prefer natural light and keeping what I see real, capturing life the natural way. You have some fabulous images! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Terrence! The WordPress Photo Challenge was a great one, and it challenged me to figure out the best approach for submitting material from this remote area of Ecuador!
    Your idea to compile a gallery of images is a great one, and I look forward to seeing the presentation!
    Here’s a link to my post: http://playamart.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/weekly-photo-challenge-urban/
    Let me know if there’s anything else that you need, or if I should send it to a different location.
    Thanks! Lisa/Z

  7. Terence – I just ran into a blog post of yours about the Sony Nex-7 and Leica glass. I too used the Nex-7 and was worried about the issues you brought up (fringing, color shift, and vignetting) with the 35 mm Summicron f2. I am using a Leitz Canada version of this lens built in 1969-1970 and have no such issues. I also have used my 50mm Summilux f1.4 and have had no issues at all same with my 90 f2 and 135 f4. Am I just lucky? Or because they are older the issue does not exist? No idea. You can go to my blog http://www.krwphoto.com/blog to check out some of them to see. By the way great work here on your site I really like the street work. I can see McCurry in many of them.

  8. Hi Terence!
    I can not answer on your mail soo…
    Thanks for your mail, i just saw it by coincidence because all the wordpress stuff
    is marked as spam! I like your work, and i am glad you like mine, thanks for the compliment. 🙂
    Have a great evening,

  9. I appreciate the article you posted last year sharing your opinion on why you believe photography is not a dying art. I was doing some research on just that, and happen to come across your site. The optimism in your writing is a gem. I had come across so many of those “the end is near” articles on photography that when I found your article it was like having a glass of cold water on a hot dry day. Good stuff.

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