The challenge – stranger #3

Today I did not even plan for shooting the next stranger. I just wanted to pick up the electronic viewfinder for my Nex-5n. I was so amazed with the one of the Nex-7 so that I was clear when I returned it that I had to get the EVF for the Nex-5n. While it looks rather bad on the Nex-5n it works extremely well. Will review it soon.

So on the way back we passed these security guards and my wife told me that this would have been a great shot for my strangers project and challenged me. So I went back for a shot. One of the two felt a bit uncomfortable so that I really kept it brief. The other one was quite comfortable and actually moved the mic to the shoulder pad.

The challenge - stranger #3

Taken with Leica Summicron 35mm @ f2.0 on Sony Nex-5n. Processed with the Lightroom 4 Beta.

The antique dealer – stranger #2

Went to Pasar Seni today to further test the Nikon V1 (see my rolling review here). But today was the “wife test” day, so my wife got the V1 to play with – will update the review later.

So I walked around Pasar Seni with my X100 and found this amazing antique store where the owner was collecting mugs from all over the world (and many other things). It was clear that he would be my second stranger – he was immediately in.

The antique dealer - stranger #2

The captioning with the white line is shamelessly ripped-off from Rick Nunn – just looks great.

Taken with Fujifilm X100. Processed with the Lightroom 4 Beta.