Shooting in the woods – part 1


A few days ago I did another shooting in the woods. Under lots of green trees at the Chattahoochee river. A very interesting location but very challenging.

As I have said various times elsewhere shooting under lots of green leaves from trees with semi-intense sunlight is my personal nightmare: I hate it with a passion (you might want to skip my ranting 😉 )

  1. it casts an intense greenish tone on everything that has to be fixed later in post with lots of tinting.
  2. the leaves often form large parts of the background with very high luminance making the background very prominent. Requires reducing luminance and saturation of green in post.

Getting the balance right in post processing tends to be very hard, as these changes also affect the subject and require careful masking… in short: not fun.

<Ranting over>

Apart from these technicalities shooting was lots of fun. We shot for maybe an hour so and started pretty early around 9am, before we moved on to another location. More about this very soon in a different post, where the life of this dress is going to come to an end…

Enjoy your week —TSJ.

Setup (does it really matter anyways?).

Lens: 150mm
Exposure: (around) 1/60s f/1.8 at ISO 200
Lights: Natural light only.




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