Colors of Atlanta: Kirkwood Wine Stroll

Today I want to talk about the Kirkwood Wine Stroll from two weeks ago. Another great event in Atlanta, with lots of cool people and great wine. While not on the Beltline, where a lot of things are happening those days, the event was definitely one of my personal favorites!

Compared to the Beltline wine stroll I talked about last weekend, the Kirwood event was in the evening creating a very different atmosphere. It was more like a party and less like an afternoon event. Also, in contrast to the Beltline one that was along, well, the Beltline making the whole event somewhat linear and really a walk, the Kirkwood one was more open and less ‘station hopping’. However, I have to say in the defense of the Beltline event, it was their second time whereas the Kirkwood guys have been doing this significantly longer.

Anyways, here are some photos to give you guys an impression.

Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.










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