Flash jobs: From a short trip to Knoxville


I realized that the number of drafts for my blog is skyrocketing. Many of those are only a few photos that I took on various short trips. More often than not, I have very little to say about the actual place and it is more about a visual impression that drew me to take those shots. Not much more story behind it than that.


So there will be a new series of posts 'flash jobs' where I share some of the things that caught my attention when walking these cities and places. The first installement is from a one-day stint in Knoxville. After we were done I had about an hour to walk around and take in the atmosphere of Knoxville, which is pretty small in comparison to Atlanta.

Thanks for stopping by – TSJ.

PS: I started to put together a 'magazine' on flipboard, focusing on great photography (and not gear). Check it out – comments and contributions are welcome.

Small backyards behind the houses with cozy seating arrangements.


I was surprised to find such a sign right in the middle of Knoxville. Maybe it is an artefact from the past explaining how the owner got to Knoxville…


As most of you probably know by now, I am addicted to coffee and I even have a favorite coffee shop in Knoxville that I discovered already last time I went there. This time around, there was a pretty unique car parked in front of the place. I am always amazed for what fusions of steel, rubber, and oil you can get a license plate.


Another classic—maybe my next car? The car was so bright white, that rest of the picture became slightly underexposed. I thought that made an interesting point, so I did not correct for it.


The reflections on this building were amazing, reflecting the white, puffy clouds.


I ended the night in a bar where I bumped into a guy, that was telling us proudly about his 16,000 rounds of ammunition that he had in this basement—an absolute minimum for solid 'self defense' I was told…


When going to Knoxville I usually drive from Atlanta, taking smaller roads to take in some of the unique atmosphere in those rural areas.


Notice the ferry wheel in the back. This was literally in th middle of nowhere: who would come there with his or her family for a ride?


When hitting Atlanta, this time I somehow managed to drive through an area that was far from nice (see also a few more shots below in the gallery). Just look at all the trash etc dumped on the streets. Most of the houses here where in terrible condition and probably beyond the point where it was safe to be in those.



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