A short walk through Hannover

Today the weather unexpectedly cleared up and I had some time to walk around Hannover. After all the stress of the last weeks this was quite relaxing. Most of the shots are taken in center of Hannover. The title picture above is from a coffee place Tulipano, I frequented several times for breakfast. Do not forget to check it out for breakfast or coffee when you are around.

Here is a map of the area:

The first one is from the new city hall. I took it as an homage to one of Steve McCurry pictures from the last roll Kodachrome. I really mean the last one that was ever produced. Haven’t seen them yet, then definitely check them out – DEFINITELY. If you go through those shots you will also easily find the shot the next one is related to.

The next three are of a car that caught my eye on the way back. Together with the shops behind it, it gave a nice vintage atmosphere. I think Steven Shore once said that cars are important to encode time into pictures. I guess one can also abuse this to skew time perception.

A close up of the car’s hood and steering wheel…

… and of its interior.

I guess I do not have to comment on this one? A relict of a toxic friday night…

A different type of street art. Similar to yarn bombing, bins, lanterns, etc. are covered by colorful price tags (there is another shot in the gallery). This was done in the whole area and also some of the shop window. Very nice and inspiring. I still need to figure out what is about and who did it…

A lost key picked up by somebody and put on the wall for retrieval. Pretty cool idea. The keys have been there for a couple of hours (I saw it twice). In many other places it probably would have disappeared after a couple of minutes 😉

And this is a picture of me taking a picture of a group of girls. The girls asked me to take a picture of them with their camera and the guy, that I asked to hold my camera did take a shot of me 😉

As always, you will find more shots in the gallery below.

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